Monitoring Zylia ZM-1 on Windows using ASIO Link Pro

I have found another way to monitor Zylia ZM-1 microphone on Windows 10. It’s quite simple to apply and it’s free. Thanks to free release of ASIO Link Pro technology by O Deus.

There is a story behind this software and it’s creator John Shield.

Download the software, patch it to make it free and install. Don’t use the option of 16 stereo WDM devices, you will have 4×8 channel WDM devices.

After installation run Reaper (or other DAW of your choice, this article will consider Reaper as the host).

In Reaper options choose ASIO Link Pro as ASIO Driver. In small ASIO Driver dialogue window choose Zylia ZM-1.

ASIO Link Pro window will pop up. Go back to Reaper options, select and enable inputs Microphone 0 to Microphone 19 and two outputs.

Configure ASIO Link Pro like on the screen below.

In Reaper create 20 channel track, enable 20 inputs (Microphone 0-19), and then set in FX chain Zylia Ambisonic Converter Plugin and binaural decoder of your choice.

Now it’s time to listen to the output. Open Windows Audio panel. Open Recording tab, and find device named Mix 01 (ASIOVADPRO Driver). Select it and choose preferences.

Set listening device for it. Here is built in PC MB soundcard – Realtek.

Now if you will enable monitoring on the track in Reaper you should hear binauralised sound from the microphone.

You can click ASIO Cpanel in the ASI Link Pro to open Zylia Control Panel, where you can define strenght of the LED ring light and Input gain of the ZM1.

You can experiment with the latency. My measurements showed that I am getting around 120 ms.

What is most important is that this works very stable, no drops, no other issues.

Since there are 32 outputs in ASIO Link Pro, it is possible to route more channels out – e.g. for multichannel speaker monitoring.

Here are files with ASIO Link Pro settings and Reaper session.

Let me know if this worked for you.

[UPDATE] ASIO Link Pro installation messed up my Dante Via – it was not working until I have uninstalled ALP!