about the author

My name is Przemek (read as “Shemek”) Danowski and I’m a spatial and algorithmic audio designer and producer. I work at Sound Engineering Department in Fryderyk Chopin University of Music (Warsaw, Poland). I’m a sound design consultant in  Visual Narratives Laboratory (vnLab)  at the Film School in Łódź. My field of interest is spatial audio, sound in game engines (Unreal Engine 4, Unity3D, FMOD, Wwise), sound for VR/AR, procedural and generative sound (Max MSP, pd, Supercollider, etc.). I’m interested in audio/video codecs, compression, AoIP, authoring and streaming.

I am also a director and producer of immersive music documentaries. I have created projection booth #UMFCVR that allows VR projections in public spaces. This is also a subject of my PhD thesis on which I’m currently working on – spatial audio creation/design for VR music experiences.

My motto is “VR (and spatial audio) for the masses” 🙂

If you want to know a bit more about me, visit the links below: